Jose Munoz of M&M Restaurant - Photo by Charles Guest of © Copyright 2012


Jose Muñoz


Jose Muñoz learned the definition of hard work from a very young age. He was the main ranch-hand at his parents ranch in El Ojo de Agua, Jalisco.


At 14 years old he ventured off to the United States of America in search of a better, more fruitful life. Once in the United States he pursued the education that was unattainable in his hometown. While he was learning to read and write he worked two jobs to send money to help support his family.


His strong work ethics and family values have helped him reach the American Dream. His brothers and Jose ventured off in a business partnership that has been
successful, which he attributes to the strong bond that his father, Ezequiel Gonzalo Munoz, has instilled in them.


He is thankful to the Los Baños community for being receptive and welcoming to the Muñoz family and their business. He is very proud to be a small business owner in the Los Baños community.


Jose and his wife Graciela have three grown children, Jose Aaron, Omar and Carla, two daughter-in-laws, Tina and Denay, and a grandson on the way.


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