Camerino Munoz - Photo by Charles Guest of © Copyright 2012


Hello, I am Camerino Munoz and I am a waiter and cook at M&M's Restaurant in Los Banos. I am one of six brothers who own and operate the restaurant.


I come form a city in Mexico called Lagos De Moreno Jalisco. The main industries found in Lagos De Moreno include agriculture, dairies, vegetable oils, and meats. It seems only natural that my brothers and I would find our way into the food industry.


I have a beautiful wife and four kids. They mean the world to me.


I am also grateful for my parents. My mother and father gave myself and my brothers a great start in life by teaching us good manners, morals, principles, and how to respect and be good to others.


When I am not working at M&Ms I can be found at our family's other in-town-business - the Buy N Save Market on Seventh Street across from the fire station - just a few doors down from the former location of M&Ms.


I have been devoted to great customer service my whole life and my entire adult life has been devoted to working in restaurants where my passion for food and customer service can be fulfilled.


Working at M & M Italian Restaurant and Lounge allows me to continue that passion. It is very rewarding to me because I truly enjoy bringing smiles to the faces of my customers - not only with great food but also with outstanding table service.


Thank you for visiting our website and I hope to see you soon at M & M Italian Restaurant and Lounge - right here in Los Banos California.


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