M and M Restaurant's excellence in food and service transcends our main dining room. We are pleased to be able to provide banquet and meeting facilities, as well as food catering services, for events of all kinds including rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, special parties, business, corporate, or club functions, fund-raisers, and other significant events.


Excellence For Every Occasion

The Meeting Room - Banquet Area at M&Ms Restaurant Los Banos  - Photo by Charles Guest of MemorablePlaces.com © Copyright 2012If you are looking for a banquet facility or for food catering services that will leave a positive lasting impression, M and M Restaurant and Lounge should be on your 'short-list' of options to consider in the Los Banos area. We have experience in catering numerous kinds of events - and now, (with our recent relocation to the new facility on Pacheco Blvd), we are able to open our restaurant for private events including large group events, ceremonies, and parties.



M and M Restaurant is proud to be able to offer private banquet facilities for groups of 10 to 100 or more.


We have two special banquet rooms which can be solely devoted to you and your guests. We call these rooms simply 'The Meeting Room' and the 'Main Banquet Area'.


"The Meeting Room"

The smallest of our banquet facilities is called "The Meeting Room" - it is pictured to the left. The Meeting Room can seat up to 40 or so people. It is ideal for a small wedding reception or a rehearsal dinner as well as for any other event where a more intimate or up-scale atmosphere is appropriate.


The meeting room has a warm and rich feel to it. The Meeting Room has tastefully paneled walls with wood accents, fancy chandeliers, decorative high-backed wooden chairs, linen table cloths, as well as options for dimmed house lights and a number of table configurations. This room is an ideal facility for an intimate evening. Options are also available locally for candle-light and floral centerpieces as well as other decor.


Event and wedding planners will immediately see that there many options for setting mood or making a statement in The Meeting Room.


The Main Banquet Area at M&Ms Restaurant Los Banos  - Photo by Charles Guest of MemorablePlaces.com © Copyright 2012'Main Banquet Area'
The Main Banquet Area is a larger room that can seat up to 100 people. It is pictured to the right.


The atmosphere of The Main Banquet Area is more casual than The Meeting Room though the same options for decor are available - with the exception of the decorative chairs.


The Main Banquet Area is appropriate for many things including club or church get-togethers, large birthdays, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, award banquets, class reunions, graduation celebrations, quinceaneras, youth-group events, baby showers and more.


The Main Banquet Area has a pseudo-bar service area available at one end as well as a sink and options for self-serve sodas. Coffee service, a mini buffet with selected choices, chafing dishes with delectable side-dishes, and beverage service brought in from the lounge are also among the options that can be negotiated.


Napkins and Glasses at M and M Restaurant in Los Banos  - Photo by Charles Guest of MemorablePlaces.com © Copyright 2012Catering

M and M Restaurant and Lounge is proud to be able to offer our food catering services for events of all kinds.


We have proven experience at catering parties, wedding receptions, birthdays, and numerous other events of all kinds.


M and M Restaurant can also assist with preparing the food for fundraisers and drive-through dinners for groups and organizations that need large amounts of food ready for delivery in a short amount of time.


M and M Restaurant also happily caters corporate events, retirement luncheons, and award ceremonies at the customer's facility or other venues.



Banquets and Catering


For more information on banquets and catering please call M and M Restaurant and Lounge at 209-827-1666